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Chimney Store

Snowball Hearth & Home, King City’s Go-To Chimney Store


Winter is coming. That means you need the ability to warm your hearth and home quickly, fully, and reliably.
But let’s get real for a moment… You don’t just want to heat your home. You could do that with a noisy metal box. You want to heat your home in style with the warm glow of an electric, gas, or wood stove in your front room, recreation area, or wherever suits your fancy.
Fire, it’s the original Television- why else do you think people’s eyes are drawn to the flickering light in the room? Don’t let a TV draw your eyes when you could let good company and conversation rule the night.
With a high-quality furnace from Snowball Hearth & Home in King City, ON, you’ll enjoy long winter nights in the best way possible.

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