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Fireplace Accessories

Snowball Hearth & Home for All Your Fireplace Accessories


If you’ve ever spent a winter operating your family fireplace, you know there’s a heck of a lot more to warming a home than just chopping wood, stuffing wood in a box and striking a long match.
Real fires need tending, and that means you need all the right tools. With Snowball Hearth & Home in King City, ON Canada, you get all the tools and gadgets you could possibly need to keep that roaring fire going all winter long.
We’re not just talking about pokers, bellows, and ash scoops. We’re talking about anything you need to keep those logs well and safely stacked, aerated, and burning. Impress your spouse and family with your amazing fire-tending skills with the right fireplace accessories and with a little help from Snowball Hearth & Home.



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